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Customer experience - the center of everything you do
Today, a great customer experience is putting them at the center of everything you do, and providing them with quickly and on time special offers and personalized products.
artisJet is proud to work with top brand companies and enhance their customer retention through creative custom printing systems and interactive displays that will catch the customer's eye as soon as they walk in the store. Add to this, it is a great way to increase consumer's in-store buying and make it fun to buy and enjoy their brand products.
artisJet systems can be used for brand's stores around the world for monthly personalization campaigns, or timeless in-store custom booth printing setup for their customers.
Come join some of the world's largest retailers who are currently providing custom printing solutions in their retail stores.
Read how artisJet and the different features of the artisJet printing systems are used by our brand customers and how they gain benefits from this in their daily business in the artisJet Successful cases below.s
Telecommunication Industry
Cosmetics & Beauty Industry
Toys & Amusement Parks Industry
Events & Tradefair Industry

Telecommunication Industry - Case Study

artisJet is working closely with different telecommunication leading companies globally. It is easy to deliver your pictures / slogans / messages onto your favorite phone covers, power banks, and chargers while walking in the stores!
Smart store of T-Mobile Case Shop
"The system enables our customers to play, design and print the cases on their own, this is amazing!" says Galan, the sales in T-Mobile store.

artisJet cooperates with T-Mobile, a very well-known leading company in the industry of mobile and digital communications in the United States. By integrating its customer needs, T-Mobile has deployed an interactive smartphone accessories and mobile phone case printing solution through smart booth store: T-Mobile Case Shop. Customers can self-print image colors to newly purchased protective phone cases for their smartphone brand.

Every interaction with a customer is a chance to connect with them, delight them and increase their retention and advocacy. And this is what T-mobile communication company did, by setting up a complete and more efficient and personalized customer interactions in different locations across USA, with artisJet Printing Systems.

Cosmetics & Beauty Industry - Case Study

Customer interaction encompasses everything a brand or company does to successfully engage with their customer,and the quality of interactions can set a business apparat from its competitors. Fortunately, there are strategies, tactics and solutions that brand managers can implement to personalize product display and packaging designs to increase a customer's connection with the brand. And this applies also to cosmetics brands.
Store experience with top brand cosmetics
"This is an important player in our emerging digital stores", Chris, the brand manager says.

Through the one-stop inkjet printing solution provided by artisJet, the brand's multiple customer experience stores have realized personalized printing on lipstick tubes, eye shadow cases and other customized cosmetics packaging or beauty products. While increasing the customer satisfaction, it also brought the social communication to the next level, and further expanded to potential customer groups.

A wide range of beauty brand cosmetics were customized on customer request, with artisJet printing system solution: skincare products (personalized face cream, hand cream tube etc.), makeup gifts (lipsticks, foundation bottles, powder case, custom eye-shadow palettes), fragrances (perfume bottles), cosmetics gift sets (lip-gloss tube, mascara packaging etc.).

Toys & Theme Parks Industry - Case Study

Amusement or theme parks may have the most updated games and world class roller coasters or different displays, but the purchases made inside your park are important too. artisJet comes in action with its printing systems which can easily be implemented for souvenirs printing and other popular amusement park product categories that customers will use again and again, helping you promote your brand: custom lanyards and bracelets, personalized keychains, fridge magnets, Lego bricks, Lego toys etc.
Lego Theme Park – LEGOLAND
"It's an awesome experience having our pictures immediately printed on LEGO puzzles while in the land", Steven Michael says, visitor in the LEGOLAND.

Everyone knows LEGOLAND and their fun LEGO toys. Using artisJet's printing system for large production, LEGOLAND Florida Resort Hotel in USA is not the only branch that operates with artisJet printing solutions. Several European locations are part of their business profile and interactive marketing too. Here, hundreds of custom plastic Legos are created on a daily basis, upon visitors' request, adding value to the re-known toys.

Personalized LEGO bricks became the perfect gift for kids of all ages and their families, capturing their vacations as imprinted images.

artisJet provides LEGOLAND customized printing systems, helping its tourists to integrate their own images on souvenirs of different materials, improving customer experience and increasing customer traffic conversion rate.

Events & Tradefair Industry - Case Study

artisJet configures personalized printing equipment and software for many large scale exhibitions, events, workshops, and conferences around the world, realizing high-speed output of identity certification marks (exhibition cards, name badges, lanyards, visitors ID cards, RFID cards, etc.), which significantly improve work efficiency and greatly saves operating costs.
Brand - Customer direct interaction
One way to increase personalization is to bring physical interactive displays to events and trade fairs too. It is a great idea to direct communicate with customers by letting them print on the products they choose from your brand such as gift items, voucher cards, and anything that will remember them about your brand.

artisJet printing systems have been present in many event occasions and creative workshops with our partners and brand clients: anniversary celebration with Masonlite Sign Supply Systems in SGI Dubai 2020, make-up models competition event with MAC Cosmetics, shopping mall Christmas seasonal event with Estee Lauder company, open show brand events in Auchan and Ikea, and many others.

Custom printing systems offer a stupendous variety of options. What is your next interactive event?